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Too often ideas of Liberty get muddled down in the conversations of heavily termed philosophical chess matches, in which even the protagonist begins to wonder why they started talking. Too many debates and persuading moments lost to the white noise of "know it alls" or "know nothings". Its time to change the philosophical and conversational paradigm.


Welcome to the re-branding of Liberty, and the continuance of the R3volution. Unflitered, unafraid, and unscripted Liberty Coast 2 Coast, with Keith and Kody is here. LC2C will not be a gentle lighting of liberty candles, neatly placed around. No... using wit, humor, and entertainment, it will be a blow torch of freedom, setting fire to the forests of authoritarianism, force and coercion. 




A special thank you to Eric July and Backwordz for the music to our Intro piece!


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