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By Kody Fairfield


The Top 10 International Freedom Fighters You Didn’t Know About

5 Reasons Mike Pence Is A Big Government Butthead

An Open Letter To Milo Yiannopoulos: Dump Trump

What Do The President Of Turkey, Hitler, And The Burning Of The Reichstag Have In Common?

Filipino President To UN: "I Dont Give A Sh*t About Them"

Gary Johnson On The TPP: I Have A Sense Its Laden With Crony Capitalism

Trump Ripping Off Donors? Rent For Campaign Skyrockets

BREAKING: Donald Trump May Not Be On The Ballot in Minnesota

Samuel L Jackson If Trump Becomes President "Ill Move My Black A$$ To South Africa"

12 Year Old Running Trump Campaign in 4th Largest County in Colorado

Packing Heat: How You Can Legally Conceal Carry In 28 States

Bill Weld Supports Obamacare Mandate. Still Holds Hillary Clinton In High Esteem. [VIDEO]

Study: Communist Manifesto Most Assigned College Economics Book

Trump Pays Fine For "Pay To Play" Scandal After Criticizing Clinton
Top 10 Examples Of Racism From The American Labor Movement

Top 10 Ways Right-Wingers Are Just Like Social Justice Warriors

Paul Joseph Watson Is A Completely Hypocritical Idiot

5 Reasons That “Aleppo” Could Save Gary Johnson’s Campaign

Foreign Policy Expert Also Does Not Know About Aleppo [VIDEO]

BREAKING: Donald Trump Minnesota Ballot Access To Be Challenged

Commission On Presidential Debates And Margin Of Error

Chicago Man Gets Feds Up With Crime, Hires Private Security

*Leaked 2013 Email: Hillary Has Life-Threatening Medical Issue [VIDEO]*

Florida AG Pam Bondi: Pay To Play Or Gov’t Makes You Go Away [VIDEO]


By Keith Doiron


BREAKING: Bernie Gives Hillary Pint Of His Ice Cream After Endorsement, She Throws It In Trash





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